Here at Ambie & Bee, we love making diffuser jewellery that incorporates lava beads to diffuse your favourite essential oils or perfume.  We like to recycle too and some of my pieces also bring life to old beads from unloved items of jewellery.  Not only are my pieces pretty, but they are therapeutic if used with the right essential oils.  As a Doterra Wellness Advocate, I love sharing essential oils to help other families like they have helped mine - simpy get in touch for more details.

Doterra Certified Therapeutic Oils


Ambie and Bee work with Doterra who ethically source and test their oils to ensure they are certified for theraputic use. We recommend our jewellery is used with Doterra oils only as we can ensure that their oils are sourced responsibly and tested to ensure they are safe for therapeutic use.


Please contact us for more information or join up for Doterra wholesale prices at 



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Many of Ambie and Bee's handcrafted jewellery pieces feature Lava Beads that absorb and diffuse the scent of Essential Oils or your favourite perfume.

For many centuries, lava beads have been popular for their healing properties, even if they don’t have the “look” that they can heal. In fact, they are great to calm the wearer’s emotions. The stone is considered to be also helpful in shedding some unnecessary layers of emotional attachment. When it comes to spiritual healing, lava stones can also ground and stabilize the root chakra. 

The stones, typically, should be worn in a way that it touches the skin directly, such as the bracelets and necklaces, so nothing will block the absorption of energy.